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When Nature Strikes Back - Black and White (paper)

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Giclee print on Archival paper.

It was to be a house that stretched to the heavens. However, nothing was clear, well-calculated, or mapped out in the depths. Its feet were firmly planted in times immemorial, weighing heavily on the ruins of abandoned cities. Medieval city ramparts stirred and writhed, a motorway winding along their shoulders, ominous weapons watched from large black windows, and enormous pipelines embarked on their tortuous journey of conquest. The shiny, black, unctuous silt threatened to swallow the future, and the peaceful past was trapped underneath the black and white fields of an endless chessboard. Nature was ready to retaliate as she had done so many times over the past one hundred thousand years when man left his home, castle, and city. Max Ernst, Dalí, Chirico, and Tarkovsky were enjoying a coffee on the Main Square on a sunny Sunday morning. But this time, everything would go differently. Free will drew the structures, and the pipelines would not submit; vines of stone and iron rose up against living material to learn all they could: writhing, forking, sprawling proliferation, limitless exit and entry, slow tenacity. They set off for the sky, and floor by floor, and they will devour everything. The moment has been captured, and the spectator can do nothing to intervene. Nothing.


Mixed media / Giclée print / Shipment

100x70 cm or larger prints are limited editions with serial numbers.
Colors printed on paper or canvas may slightly differ from those shown on the monitor. 

Call me if you have any questions on sizes, colors, or customization: +36 309675100