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Judith - Blue (canvas)

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Giclee print on canvas.

Judith - Surreal portrait of a girl and the city. A friend of mine, who made amateur movies asked me to draw some illustrations for his movie. Judith was an actress, and we became friends while shooting the film. The picture has a few layers: one layer is the head of a woman (see her hair, her face, and her hands as she puts them over her face), another layer is a Budapest scene behind her, with the Danube and two bridges, on a third layer in the forefront of the picture you will find some strange organic buildings, structures. 

Surreal Art Print, Very Detailed Drawing, Mindfulness Art, Portrait of Judith - Surreal Painting, Architect Gift, Poster Print.

Although I started to draw the picture in 1983, it is still unfinished (like many of my works...:) and I continue working on it today.

Mixed media / Giclée print / Shipment

100x70 cm or larger prints are limited editions with serial numbers.
Colors printed on paper or canvas may slightly differ from those shown on the monitor. 

Call me if you have any questions on sizes, colors, or customization: +36 309675100