Bird's Eye View Map of Hungary (Coloured) - Magyarország Grafikai Látk – Béla Magyar - Citygraph

Bird's Eye View Map of Hungary (Coloured) - Magyarország Grafikai Látképe (Színes)


Very detailed freehand pen and ink 3D bird's eye view. 

The illustrated perspective Bird's Eye View Map of Hungary presents was drawn with technical pen. In contrast to the simplifying, faceless, stereotype visual experience of computer effects The Perspective Map of Budapest has many things for you to discover and to marvel about for hours, weeks or even months. It draws up questions in the viewer, it raises interest and arouses desire to check out all the actions depicted in the picture.

Mixed media, I drew the original picture with technical pen (Rapidograph) on tracing paper, then I modified, colourized with Wacom Cintiq digital pen and tablet. Signed and titled by myself in pencil on the front of the print just underneath the image.

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